Lalaloopsy largest PJ Party & Lalaloopsy baking oven giveaway #LalaPJParty

Lalaloopsy baking oven giveaway

This post is a bit different than most we share here at Mama Bee Does. This post is for Lalaloopsy girls (and girls at heart). I was invited to attend the world’s largest pj party with Lalaloopsy. I can’t make it to the party but I can join in on the party from home and…  Continue Reading

Dish-wasting time in the kitchen? Not with Cascade Platinum #CascadeShiningReviews

cascade platinum cascade shining reviews

How many of you love cooking but despise the clean up afterwards? I could cook and bake all day as long as there is someone or something to do the clean up of dishes. Washing dishes is a chore I have done only because if I didn’t no one else would. Its either get the…  Continue Reading

Tiggly Counts math toy for pre-schoolers #giveaway #tech #toy #app

Packaging_Tiggly Counts

When it comes to learning I have noticed that my youngest does better with hands on learning as well as digital learning. Hey, it’s 2014 and iPad apps are in the classrooms now so our pre-schoolers and elementary school children are growing and learning with technology. Coming up on October 21st the interactive learning company,…  Continue Reading

Karina Dresses #Frockstar October #giveaway #sweepstakes

Karina Dresses frockstar fall event giveaway

The majority of y’all know how much I love my Karina Dresses. For a few months after my separation I didn’t care to dress up, hell, I barely got out of my pj’s most days. Then I had the realization that I needed to get my life moving again. I needed to care again- about…  Continue Reading

Karina Dresses Frockstar Fall event- 6 dress $1000 wardrobe giveaway (US/CA)

Karina Dresses frockstar fall event giveaway

I’ve been a fan (and frockstar ambassador) of Karina Dresses for a few months now. You can read what dresses are my favorites (so far). I’m considered a plus size girl and I’m ok with that. No fat shaming ’round here. Sure I could lose some weight but I love myself no matter what and…  Continue Reading